Do you want to let your property quickly and easily? Get 070 Wonen to do the work for you and select the right tenant for you. 070 Wonen has a large database of accommodation seekers, which means we can find the right candidate for your property quickly.

This is how we work

1. Intake interview with you at the property

We give you information and advice regarding the letting of your property and the things you need to take into consideration.

2. Putting the property on our books

We take photos and register all of the property’s specifications in order to be able to advertise it properly. Naturally you receive confirmation of this by email.

3. Advertising your property and bringing it to the attention of accommodation seekers

There are various ways of advertising. The rent you charge determines our choices for getting the maximum effect from our advertisement(s).

4. Showing the property

We take care of the viewings for you. After selecting suitable prospective tenants, we schedule the viewings. We give the people a tour of the property and answer all their questions.

5. Prospective tenant is interested

If a prospective tenant is interested, we perform a background check. We investigate who this prospective tenant is and whether his/her particulars are correct. Our background check meets the requirements of the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act and the Sanctions Act, which means you as the landlord have fulfilled your obligations.

6. Drawing up the tenancy agreement

This is done in accordance with the agreements made during the intake interview, for example the rent, effective date, advances, etc. The tenancy agreement must be signed by both parties.

7. Checking in

We take care of the property check-in. We document the state of the property and any damage in advance. The tenant digitally signs the check-in report, after which we send it to you.

Inventory interview?

Tel nr: +31(0)70 219 27 00 or email:   +31(0)70 219 27 00

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