Renting a property with 070 Wonen

I’m looking for a property to rent; how do I go about it?

You register with us and then we send you the latest properties, tailored to your criteria. You let us know if there are properties you are interested in (perhaps after viewing them first).

Are all the properties that are on the website available?

We do our utmost to keep our range of properties current, but it sometimes happens that we have just reached agreement with the landlord on behalf of the customer, which means that the property will no longer be available.

Do all of the available properties get posted on the website?

People who are registered with us receive the properties that become available via email first. You may have seen a project being refurbished. We post these projects as soon as the developer informs us that the project is almost done.

Can I be given priority (urgence)?

Unfortunately, we do not work with priority; all our registered customers have an equal chance of qualifying.

Do the rents include gas, water and electricity?

The rent for certain properties includes gas, water and/or electricity. We indicate this on our website.

What is 070 Wonen’s definition of bare, semi-furnished or furnished properties?
  • Bare property: no flooring (laminate, carpeting, etc.) and/or curtains.
  • Semi-furnished property: at least flooring (laminate, carpeting, etc.), and possibly curtains.
  • Furnished property: fully furnished (flooring, curtains and furniture). The tenant can move into the property as it is, in other words everything including kitchen utensils must be present.
Renting the property
  1. If you are enthusiastic about a property we will send you a Lease Assignment Confirmation. This is a kind of pre-agreement in which we confirm the terms and conditions. In this confirmation you agree to the terms and conditions and it specifies which documents you need to supply us with. As long as we do not have a signed Lease Assignment Confirmation from you, we continue having viewings with other prospective tenants.
  2. We will forward the information received from you to the owner and/or property manager to receive approval. In view of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we ask you to render the citizen service number (BSN) illegible on your personal documents.
  3. If the landlord/property manager gives his/her approval, you receive the invoice for the rental of the property and the draft tenancy agreement with explanations. After payment has been made, we finalise the tenancy agreement and you can sign it. If you need an explanation about the tenancy agreement and wish to sign it supervised by us at our offices, we charge extra for this. The tenancy agreement is drawn up in accordance with Dutch law.
  4. An inspection of the property will follow. We will go through the property with you in order to register in a report any damage there might be. This is to ensure that you are not held liable for this damage once you leave the property.


Why must I register?

We like everyone to register, so that we can check in advance whether you qualify for various properties. It might happen that we do not view a property with you because you do not qualify for that property on grounds of the income standard, the make-up of your family and/or other conditions.

How can I register as an accommodation seeker?

You can register on our website entirely free of charge. The registration is valid for a year. After one year it is removed automatically.

What will happen to my personal data?

We save your data and you receive mailings with the latest available properties based on the criteria you specified. We do not share your data with third parties and we destroy them as soon as you deregister.

I am a student, how do I determine my income?

You may only specify income from work. In other words, without study finance, rent allowance and so on.

How can I end my registration?

Send us an email or click on the deregistration link in the email.

My particulars have changed. Does this affect my registration?

Register your change of particulars as soon as possible, so we can keep reaching you and can be sure that you qualify for a property that can be viewed.


Can I view properties without registering?

No, we do not view properties without registration. We want to be sure in advance that you qualify for the property.

Can I respond to every property that is sent to me by email?

Yes, you can respond endlessly to all properties that are sent to you. However, it might happen that you receive a message in advance that you do not qualify based on the income standard, the make-up of your family and/or other conditions.

Is a viewing always a group viewing?

It is possible that a group viewing is planned if there is a lot of interest among prospective tenants. The choice of ultimate tenant is the owner of the property’s to make.

How can I have a viewing scheduled?

You can have viewings scheduled from Monday to Friday from 10:30 to 18:00. On average, we schedule 15 minutes for a small property and 30 minutes for a large property. If you are running late, please let our office know as soon as possible. If you are not present our staff will leave after 7 minutes. If you arrive late, this affects the length of the viewing, because we do not want to be late for the next viewing.

Can I rent a property without viewing it?

You can, but this will be noted in the Lease Assignment Confirmation in advance. Despite how meticulously the property is presented to you, the actual property might not be exactly what you expected. This risk is entirely your own.

Contract conditions

Is it possible to decide not to rent the property once the Lease Assignment Confirmation has been signed?

It is possible to decide not to rent the property once the Lease Assignment Confirmation has been signed. This does involve costs though. The costs of the cancellation are € 500 excluding VAT.

What must I pay these costs for?

If you sign the Lease Assignment Confirmation, we reserve the property for you and take it from the market. That means we are then unable to let the property to someone else. Besides this, we have to do the work involved for a second time.

Can I terminate the tenancy agreement once it has been signed?

The tenancy agreement is effective immediately after it has been signed. If you wish to terminate the tenancy agreement you must do this in the usual manner. This means that you will have to give notice to the landlord and/or property manager.

What is the duration of the tenancy agreement?

In general, the duration of a tenancy agreement is at least 12 months. This means that you must occupy the property for at least 12 months before you can avail yourself of the statutory notice period. If there is a deviation from this, this is mentioned in advance in the initial property description.

A maximum of how many people may register with the municipality for this address?

This varies from one address to the next and will be specified in your tenancy agreement.

Should I expect a rent increase and when?

The first time a rent increase can be implemented is on the first of July of the current year. This is often deviated from, which means the first rent increase is often only after one year. This will be specified in the tenancy agreement.

Is subletting allowed?

Subletting is only possible if the landlord and/or property manager give(s) permission.

What is the notice period for a tenancy agreement?

A minimum period of occupation of the property is often agreed, for example at least 12 months. You cannot terminate the tenancy agreement within these 12 months. After this minimum period, the notice period is equal to the payment term, which is generally one month.

Can the landlord also terminate?

The landlord can terminate the agreement if this is specified in the tenancy agreement in advance. A condition is that it can only happen on the date agreed.

Are pets allowed?

This varies per property, but in general pets are not allowed.

May I leave possessions in the communal spaces, for example bicycles, shoe racks, etc.

No, this is not allowed. Staircases, landings, etc. for general use, are fire escape paths and must be kept clear of all obstructions. If you leave possessions here, there is a chance that the landlord or property manager will remove them.

Terms for renting a property

How high must my income be to qualify for a particular property?

To qualify for a property you must have a gross income of at least 3 times the monthly rent. So, for example, for a rent of 500 euros you need a gross income of 1500 euros. Naturally there are exceptions; this depends on the requirements set by the landlord.

Is it possible to rent a property with somebody else acting as guarantor?

In some properties it is possible to rent a property with somebody else acting as guarantor. Bear in mind that the guarantor must reside in the Netherlands and must be able to prove that he/she can pay the rent as well as his/her own monthly expenses.


What payments must I make when I wish to rent a property?

When a property is rented a number of payments must be made after the landlord has approved of you as the tenant and before the tenancy agreement is signed:

  • On the first day of the calendar month, you pay the entire month’s rental.
  • Between the first and the 14th day of the month, you pay the total number of days in the current month.
  • From the 15th day onwards, you pay the days in the current month as well as the following month.

This is specified beforehand, but is usually one month’s rent. (an amount equal to one month’s rent)

Taxes and other levies

What taxes must I pay?

Tenants pay the following taxes:

  • Sewerage charges
  • Waste collection levy
  • Pollution levy and water board assessment

The rates vary from one municipality or province to the next. Find out about the applicable rates and scale from your municipality or province.

Do I qualify for rent allowance?

To qualify for rent allowance you must rent a self-contained property for less than the free-market price. All of the basic rents are indicated with the properties offered. If the basic rent is lower than the rent control ceiling and your income meets the requirements, you can apply for rent allowance. For further information we refer you to the Tax and Customs Administration (