Do you wish to let someone else administer the letting of your property entirely? We have a specialist management department that can sort out everything.

Fully transparent

You have full access to your files, financial data, tenancy contracts and notes. No copies or screen prints: you log in to our system yourself and are given immediate access to all of your data.

Trust account

You may choose to have rentals paid into our trust account or into your own dedicated account; we can link the details of your account to our management system.
If you have more than 10 letting units we can create and link a new account for you free of charge.

Limiting vacancy levels

By acting proactively and advertising properties as soon as the tenants give notice we ensure that (change-of-tenant) vacancy levels are kept to a minimum.

Smooth checkout

A property must be vacated properly. If something is broken or maintenance is required due to the tenant, we take care of this immediately and deduct the amount from the deposit. Unnecessary costs are a waste of money.

We take care of the following matters for you:

Financial/administrative management

  • Sending rental invoices to tenants, inclusive and exclusive of VAT
  • Collecting rents and taking care of any further financial settlements
  • Periodic administrative rent payment to the owner
  • Monitoring payments and rent arrears
  • Sending reminders and providing a full debt collection process, up to and including the services of the bailiff
  • Making payments with the landlord’s permission
  • Implementing rental increases and the concomitant written notice of this
  • Administration and calculation of advances and costs of services and service-related matters and charging on municipal taxes and levies to the tenant

Technical management

  • Performing inspections upon change of tenant and drawing up inspection reports
  • Performing inspections in the event of complaints
  • Performing periodic and preventive inspections, if required
  • Addressing complaints
  • Making maintenance proposals
  • Requesting quotes, hiring contractors and monitoring execution of maintenance
  • Checking submitted accounts
  • Taking care of deliveries and warranty obligations, if present
  • Concluding maintenance contracts and keeping these in line with the market
  • Supervision of fulfilment of maintenance contracts
  • Repairing technical malfunctions
  • Coordinating maintenance contracts

Fill in the contact form or contact us by telephone. After a brief analysis, we can advise you about the right approach to your property/properties.

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